About us

Discovering My Skills

In 2008 I started a business that had no intentions of starting. I began locking my own hair and started my little sisters locs as well, and maintaining my fathers from time to time. I am beginning to notice that I have discovered a skill that I’m enjoying.

Putting My Skills To Work

I just had a beautiful baby boy and was in need of money. I started advertising my new found skill on facebook for $35.00 to re-twist, then began doing hair on the side while working a full time job. I was then blessed with my first client and would post a picture of my first hair-do on facebook while hoping and praying for another.

Skills Fulltime

From there my hobby/side money turned into a little business. I decided to print out my own business cards and pass them out. As more people started coming I raised the price to $40-45. I was going to work less and less and was working from home more and more. Working from home and my full time job and taking care of my son was getting tough. Eventually, I was terminated from my job and that was the best thing that ever happend to me because I would never quite on my own.

Developing My Skill

In 2009 I began doing hair out of my home full-time. I am learning to do different textures, styles, and being creatie with my own ideas. In 2010 a barber/host sent me a facebook message asking me if I wanted to be in a hair show for their new shop that will be opening in the area. I was excited!!! The show was a success and the owner of the shop offered me a chair. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for paying booth rent and communicating with professional stylist’s. Yes, I was nervous but I went for it.


In 2011 I am standing behind m chair, representing “Strictly Locs” in a real salon, Salon Plaza 703. I have upped my prices since I am now more experienced however the prices are still reasonable and have also upgraded my business cards. I do my advertising on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Craigslists, Tagged and I show up on Goggle. I was recently offered to place my advertisement on Groupon. Business is Booming!